Thunder Robot Demo is a robot that is deeply integrated with the AI Kit. Utilize the powerful performance of AI Kit, provide face recognition, object detection algorithms, and combined with motion control algorithms to help developers and customers prototype the final product.

Key features:

  • Optimized AI software

    The Robot provides high-performance inference features including face recognition and object detection and other algorithm SDK, combined with robot motion control, to achieve object tracking, obstacle avoidance and other functions,allowing developers and manufacturers to provide convenient and rapid integration of AI algorithms, control algorithms,and complete product solutions.

  • Core Technology

    Thunder robot supports SLAM, autonomous navigation and manual control, while supporting voice interaction and sound source positioning.

  • Support hardware extension

    Thunder Robot supports hardware expansion, and can be connected with 360-degree distance sensor,laser radar, etc.,making it more widely used and more powerful.

  • Application Scenarios

    Thunder robot can be used for inspections, home monitoring, family assistants, child companionship, etc.