• Intelligent Visual Inspection Working Principle:


  • Machine Vision Software Comparison:


    • Product Types:

    • Intelligent Visual Inspection Engine – SW (Deep learning based defect inspection algorithms and tools)

      Intelligent Visual Inspection System – SW + HW (Industrial vision cameras, embedded computation unit)

      Intelligent Visual Inspection Industrial Solution – SW + HW + Custom System Integration

    • Main Features:

    • Object Localization, Defect Detection & Segmentation & Classification

    • Highlights:

    • Higher Inspection Accuracy (Optimized algorithms for industrial scenarios)

      Self-learning & Flexible/Generic System (Based on deep learning)

      Quick Implementation & Application (Less dataset samples required)

      End-to-End Solution

    • Core Issues/Pain Points Solved for Customer:

    • Compared to manned inspection: higher accuracy and efficiency

      Compared to traditional machine vision solution: less customization needed, more generic solution, wider range of detected defects

    • Main Technical Specification:

    • A deep learning based model optimized for high speed industrial visual inspection

      Extensible and customized high-precision detection unit for complex feature extraction and defect detection

      Intuitive interface for model training, inspecting and monitoring

      Adaptive self-learning engine for small dataset training

  • Product Solution Value Proposition:


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